HOTEL CASA BENILDE, wants to maintain a policy of Quality Assurance in its work so that we can get the greatest satisfaction of our customers, offering accommodation and breakfast without errors, in order to allow mutual benefit.

For this reason we have decided to implement a Quality Management System according to the UNE-ISO 22483:2020 – Hotels & Resorts Apartments, in order to allows us to maintain, and if possible, improve the Quality  that we have been demonstrating in our services.

The basis on which we support and will support our policy are:

  • Compliance with all the requirements of the management system as well as legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, to ensure safety and social responsibility.
  • Adapt our facilities as much as possible to make them accessible for disabled people.
  • Enlist our customers in determining quality levels that provide a high degree of satisfaction.
  • The spirit of teamwork, self-criticism and communication among all staff in order to enhance our capabilities, remedy possible deficiencies and satisfy our customers with our services.
  • Training and continuous improvement of all the staff who are part of HOTEL CASA BENILDE in order to assume our responsibilities to achieve quality and to improve every day.
Hotel Casa Benilde
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring the effectiveness of our management system.
  • Preventing pollution that may cause our business, as much as possible, and improve over time, our management.

This policy will provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives, which will be communicated to their understanding within the organization and will be reviewed for continuing suitability.

Reviewed and approved by: Mª del Pilar Sexto Ribadulla
Approval date: 09/08/2021